My research interests include the ethical and social issues of algorithmic decision-making at both individual and collective level. I’m also interested in studying AI from the point of view of epistemology and the philosophy of science (e.g. some topics of interest include the problem of induction, the problem-solving approach and the notion of progress). Currently I’m involved in the AI4EU project, an EU funded project that aims at creating an European AI ecosystem. In particular, I’m contributing to the creation and curation of the AI4EU Observatory and the coordination of a working group dealing with ethics and AI.

Publications, working papers and reports

Scantamburlo, T. (2021) “Non-Empirical Problem in Fair Machine Learning”, Ethics and Information Technology, Springer. 10.1007/s10676-021-09608-9 ISSN 1572-8439 (open access)

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Workshops and Tutorials

In 2018 I was invited to speak at the workshop on Decision Theory & the Future of Artificial Intelligence, Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich (Germany), 27-28 July 2018

In 2018 I presented my work at the ThinkBIG workshop “Ethical and Social Challenges posed by Artificial Intelligence“, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor (UK), 25 June 2018

In 2018 I was invited to speak at the workshop “Philosophy of machine learning: knowledge and causality“, University of California, Irvine, 17-18 March 2018

In 2016 I co-organised with Marcello Pelillo an interdisciplinary workshop entitled “The Human Use of Machine Learning“, hosted at the European Centre for Living Technology (ECLT), Venice (Italy), 16 December 2016

In 2016 I held a tutorial on the epistemological and ethical aspects of machine learning with Marcello Pelillo at the ECML-PKDD 2016, Riva del Garda (Italy), 19 September 2016