7-14/07/2019: Swiss Summer School

I’ve lectured at the Swiss Summer School on “Philosophical Reflections on an AI Future” (see the website of the event), which took place in Miglieglia (TI, Switzerland) in July 2019, 7-14. The summer school addressed a variety of topics, such as: the evolution of AI, the issue of explainability and responsibility, the concerns regarding job … Continue reading "7-14/07/2019: Swiss Summer School"

2-3/05/2019: AI4EU Joint WP5/6/7/9 Workshop

The AI4EU Joint WP5/6/7/9 workshop took place in Paris (at Sorbonne University). As part of the WP5, I attended the discussion of the horizontal topics (Explainable AI, Verifiable AI, Collaborative AI, Integrative AI, and Physical AI) and the pilots (AI4Citizens, AI4Industry, AI4Healthcare, AI4Robotics, AI4Media, AI4IoT, AI4Agriculture, and AI4Cybersecurity) to find out possible connections with the … Continue reading "2-3/05/2019: AI4EU Joint WP5/6/7/9 Workshop"

22-26/04/2019: Dagstuhl seminar

I attended the Dagstuhl seminar 19171 on “Ethics and Trust: Principles, Verification and Validation”. During the seminar I took part in the working group on artificial moral agency where we discussed different conceptions of agency, moral agency and autonomy.

11/12/2018: workshop on algorithmic fairness in Zurich

I attended a workshop on algorithmic fairness organised by the Expert Group and the Digital Society Initiative of University of Zurich. At the event Matthias Spielkamp, the executive director of AlgorithmWatch, presented some projects including a recent investigation on SCHUFA  the most well-known credit scores in Germany.