Authors are invited to submit papers addressing any topic in statistical, structural or syntactic pattern recognition and their applications. The scope of the paper includes:

SPR TopicsSSPR Topics
Classification; PredictionStructural Matching
Gaussian Processes; Randomized AlgorithmsStructural Complexity
Multiple Classifiers; Ensemble MethodsSyntactic Pattern Recognition
Model Selection; Feature SelectionGraph-theoretic Methods
Dimensionality ReductionGraphical Models
Dissimilarity RepresentationsStructural Kernels
Metric Learning; Representation LearningSpectral Methods
Multiple Instance LearningSpatio-Temporal Pattern Recognition
ClusteringStructured Text Analysis
Semi-Supervised Learning; Weakly-supervised LearningStochastic Structural Models
Active Learning; Novelty DetectionIntelligent Sensing Systems
Deep Learning; Neural NetworksMultimedia Analysis
Adversarial Learning; Reinforcement LearningMultimedia Retrieval
Transfer Learning; Domain AdaptationImage Document Analysis
Data Complexity; Data ModelingImage Understanding
Security of Machine LearningShape Analysis