We are currently in the process of cleaning up the code, so please monitor this site for future developments. If you have any comments please let us know (e-mail gaetan@unive.it ) . For a zip file  that contains all codes in a single file, click here.

To run R code:

  1.     download and install R (http://cran.r-project.org);
  2.     dowload the required packages (if necessary);
  3.     download .R file (text file);
  4.     put the dataset in your working directory (if necessary);
  5.     open .R file in a text editor;
  6.     highlight code in text editor (all or part);
  7.     copy then paste to R command line.
To compile C code:

Under Windows : R CMD SHLIB file.c  -o file.dll. For more details see this page .

Under Linux: R CMD SHLIB file.c  -o file.so

Chapter 1

Example 1.4. Quadratic mean regularity for random fields on R^2 (R-code)

Chapter 4

Section 4.7.1  Simulating stationary Gaussian random fields (R-code)

Chapter 5

Example 5.1 - 5.3 :  Rainfall in the State of Parana (R-code)

Example 5.2 :  The radioactive cloud from Chernobyl and daily rainfall in Switzerland (R-code)

Example 5.4 :  Analyzing spatio-temporal data for ozone levels (R-code and supplementary material in R, C)

Example 5.5 - 5.7 :  Percentage of people with blood group A in 26 Irish counties (R-code)

Example 5.6 : Decaying lavender (R-code)

Example 5.13 :  Modeling blank experiments  (R-code and supplementary material in C)

Example 5.14:  Modeling spatial distribution of agricultural land use (R-code and supplementary material in C)

Example 5.15:  Biodiversity in tropical rainforests (R-code)

Example 5.16:  Differences in spatial distribution depending on plant species (R-code)

Example 5.17. Estimation and validation of a parametric  model  for a point process (R-code)

Example 5.20. Model characterizing the spatial distribution of pine trees (R-code and supplementary material in R)

Example 5.21. Spatial pattern of ganglionic cells in a cat’s retina (R-code)

Example 5.22. Spatial distribution of animal species (R-code)

Example 5.23. Lung cancer in Tuscany (Italy)