16.01.2013 – Talk by Maria Grazia Vigliotti

Title: Separable solution for interacting stochastic automata

Date: 16/01/2013
Time: 1:30 pm
Location: Sala riunioni
Type: research talk
Speaker: Maria Grazia Vigliotti (Imperial College, London)

We present product-form solutions from the point of view of stochastic process algebra. In previous work  we have shown how to  derive
product-form solutions for a formalism called Labelled Markov Automata (LMA). LMA are very useful as their relation  with  the Continuous Time Markov Chains is very direct. The disadvantage  of using LMA is that the proofs of properties  are  cumbersome. In fact,  in LMA it is not possible  to use the inductive structure of the language in a proof.   In this paper we consider a simple stochastic process algebra that has the great advantage of simplifying  the  proofs. This simple language has been  inspired by PEPA, however,
detailed analysis of  the semantics of  cooperation  will  show the differences between  the two formalisms. It will  also  be shown that  the semantics of the cooperation in process algebra influences the correctness of the derivation of the product-form solutions.