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09/12/2015 – Talk by Mohamed Abbadi

Title:  ntroducing Casanova 2, a pragmatic domain specific language for game development
Time: 13:00
Location: Meeting room, building Zeta
Type: Research Results
Speaker: Mohamed Abbadi
The impact of video games, and games in general in our society is getting bigger and bigger to the point that game sales have passed those of music and movies (combined). Nowadays, video games are used not only for entertainment purpose, but also for serious applications such as research, education, training, etc.

Unfortunately, serious game development with traditional general-purpose programming language is a costly endeavor. The inherent complexity of the domain of videogames (physics simulation, AI, rendering, time management, etc.) is absolutely not tamed by typical programming languages. In these languages, we find no first class support of the flow time, lack of intelligent optimization mechanisms, and no understanding of the game loop. Since serious games developers do not enjoy the same resources as in the industry, taming costs of developing games is a very important necessity. Brilliant ideas might not see the light of day if there are not enough resources to support the development processes.

Here comes our work into play: in the past years a tool designed around the domain of games called Casanova has been designed and developed in order to: (i) allow innovative projects to see the end of their development process, (ii) provide developers with the right tool to tackle features that with limited resources might not be built, and (iii) keep the costs in check.
The Casanova programming language has the goal of offering a simple to use, high-performance, effective programming language that is capable of tackling the domain of videogame programming languages, from basic game logic programming up to strategies for AI.

In the presentation I will discuss my past Ph.D. experience and show the latest results of my research: different games for different genres, web-games, virtual-reality lab game, automatic optimizations, LegoV3/Casanova, and some students projects.

29/01/2014 – Talk by Mohammed Abbadi

Title:  Interoperability in Game Programming by Casanova Orchestration
Time: 14:00
Location: Meeting room
Type: Research Result
Speaker: Mohammed Abbadi

Making games is a complex field of application. The underlying of games, simulations, is particularly relevant in many fields: training, research prototypes, serious games, etc. We propose a cleanly designed language for building games. The language is based on the powerful semantic model known as “orchestration”.

Thanks to our language, building games become easier (less effort and less bugs) and thus more accessible.