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Are you a master or bachelor student looking for a final project?

img_0086Why not considering a final master or bachelor project on one of the Acadia themes? You will have the opportunity to work both in theoretical and practical projects according to your skills under the supervision of an experienced researcher. Many of the proposed projects can be carried out with an industrial partnership. If you are interested, please consult the pages for the bachelor or master thesis proposals.

Would you like to do your PhD in Venice?

The University Ca’ Foscari of Venice has a PhD program in English. Students coming from Italy or abroad are welcome to apply. Specifically, the ACADIA Center is interested in a wide range of topics: security of computer systems, performance and reliability analysis of software and hardware architectures, static analysis of software, e-government, statistical methods for handling spatial data, formal methods for system verification. All these topics are applied to the design and management of highly distributed networks and software systems that satisfy given requirements in terms of functionality, security and quality of service. See this page for details: for more information, write an email to