The main service provider in Italy is the central and local government. It is therefore desirable to encourage public dissemination and application in this context of the culture related to quality and measurable indicators; this kind of culture has been developed in the context of the goods and was then applied in services. This evolutionary step, preceded by a series of paths towards the awareness of citizens/users, is now supported by specific policy directions and legislation and is facilitated by the opportunities that new technologies related to web portals are offering for the mechanisms of interaction inside and outside organizations.

To facilitate the dissemination of technologies and good practices, Regione Veneto is gradually introducing specific (infrastructure) service platforms as containers for products, resources, and processes made available for local municipalities. To investigate scientifically the best technologies and assess their applicability through experimentation in some municipalities in the context of continuous development, the Laboratory of e-Government has been established in cooperation between the Information Systems Department (DSI) of Regione Veneto and the Department of Environmental, Computing and Statistics Sciences (DAIS) of the University of Venice.

This includes CEVID, a project that encourages the use of Open Data among Public Administrations, ultimately delivering useful and interesting services to citizens. One of the main goals of Open Data Exploitation is to develop mobile apps based on publicly available datasets, covering a wide range of topics and areas, including demography, environment, economy, social media, education, energy, labor, health and so on. Expertise in the field has led to a reusable toolkit: a set of best practices consisting in methodologies that have been proven successful in conjunction with modular software components designed for developing apps in a quick yet sound and robust way. Libraries of classes and utilities allow programmers to manipulate datasets easily and display geolocalized information on a map view with a few lines of code, integrating navigation and other basic services.

More than 40 apps have been developed using the best practices, stressing and testing them extensively in real-world scenarios filled with existing datasets available online through the major open data hubs. A selection of them is available on the CEVID web site.

Financed projects

  1. CEVID, in collaboration with Regione Veneto (2016 – in progress)
  2. National Catalogue of PA Databases, in collaboration with National Agency for the Digital Agenda (AGID)
  3. Smart eGovernment Dashboard (SMED) for Information Systems Department of Regione Veneto (dec 2012 – dec 2013)
  4. eGovernment Intelligence for Information Systems Department of Regione Veneto (june 2010 – may 2011)
  5. Competence Center for the Open, Participated & Shared Development of the Citizens Service Portals” for Information Systems Department of Regione Veneto (june 2009 – may 2010)
  6. Collaborative systems and Citizens Service Portals: tools for orchestration and measurement of quality services” for Information Systems Department of Regione Veneto (april 2008 – march 2009)
  7. eGovernment Inquiry Framework, action 7.3 of the project Citizens iTV for Information Systems Department of Regione Veneto (nov 2006 – march 2007)