30/11/2016 – Talk by Moreno Ambrosin (University of Padova)

Title: Secure and Scalable Services for the Internet of Things, and Past and Ongoing Effort in the Security of Software-Defined Networking
Time: 13:00
Location: Meeting room, Building Zeta
Type: Research Result
Speaker: Moreno Ambrosin
In recent years, the advent of Internet of Things (IoT) is populating the world with billions of low cost heterogeneous interconnected devices. IoT devices are quickly penetrating in many aspects of our daily lives, and enabling new innovative services, ranging from fitness tracking, to factory automation. Unfortunately, their wide use, as well as their low-cost nature, make IoT devices also an attractive target for attackers, which may exploit them to perform DoS attacks, or violate the privacy of end users. Furthermore, the potentially very large scale of IoT systems makes the use of existing security solutions unfeasible.
In this talk I will give an overview of our research effort in defining secure and scalable protocols and mechanisms for IoT services, and in particular for: (1) efficient and secure device management at large scale (commands and software distribution, and device sanity check); and (2) privacy-preservation in three representative IoT-enabled services and tasks: location-based services, advanced metering infrastructures, and decentralized consensus in a multi-agent systems. Finally, in the last part of this talk I will briefly introduce past, and ongoing research work of our group in Software-Defined Networking security.