20/03/2015 – Talk by Mohammed Abbadi

Title: Designing games with high performances in Casanova
Time: 12:30
Location: Meeting Room, building Zeta
Type: Research Result
Speaker: Mohammed Abbadi
Abstract: Making games is expensive and resource consuming. These costs include development and maintenance. In software engineering, the efficient design of solutions (e.g. the encapsulation) have been largely studied and it has been shown taht they help developers to keep game code readable and maintainable. Because of the bad performance that these solutions exhibit, developers chose to avoid them for faster highly coupled implementations. We present Casanova, a domain specific language oriented to game development. In Casanova, developers are guided to write game code using encapsulation. Through dependency analysis on code and the use of reversed indexes, Casanova performs optimization on source code so that the generated code is fast. We show that the resulting code is readable, maintainable, and fast, to the advantage of developers with limited resources.