About me

Hi! I am Mauro Tempesta, PhD student in Computer Science at Università Ca' Foscari (Venice, Italy) under the supervision of Riccardo Focardi.

I am deeply interested in formal methods and computer security, the main topics of my research activity. Sometimes I work as a penetration tester for some IT companies near Venice.

I love solving security challenges and playing CTFs with c00kies@venice. I am also passionate about retrogaming, cycling... and beers :)



MSc in Computer Science

Università Ca' Foscari, Venezia

Aug 2012 - Mar 2015

BSc in Computer Science

Università Ca' Foscari, Venezia

Sep 2009 - Jun 2012

High School Diploma in Computer Science

ITIS Max Planck, Lancenigo di Villorba

Sep 2004 - Jul 2009


Journal Papers

S. Calzavara, R. Focardi, M. Squarcina, M. Tempesta. Surviving the Web: A Journey into Web Session Security. ACM Computing Surveys (CSUR).

Conference Papers

M. Bugliesi, S. Calzavara, R. Focardi, W. Khan, M. Tempesta. Provably Sound Browser-Based Enforcement of Web Session Integrity. 27th IEEE Computer Security Foundations Symposium (CSF 2014).

International Workshops

R. Focardi, M. Tempesta. Development of Security Extensions Based on Chrome APIs. 8th International Workshop on Analysis of Security APIs (ASA-8), satellite workshop of CSF 2015.

Teaching Assistance

A.Y. 2012/13 - Now

A.Y. 2013/14 - Now