I received my PhD in Computer Science from Ca' Foscari University of Venice in February 2016 where I currently hold a PostDoc position.

My research interests spread among different aspects of Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition. My first work was about three dimensional structure acquisition and contact-less measurement of objects using multiple cameras. Various works followed on how to increase the accuracy and simplify the calibration procedure of camera networks exploiting non constrained camera models and elliptical features. I've also collaborated with the Computer Vision spin-off, DigitalViews, in some industrial projects concerning the in-line quality control of silkscreen printings and conditioned air pipes.
Recently, my attention moved toward the application of Computer Vision techniques to perform a fast and reliable camera-based tracking of active and passive devices. These techniques have been useful to develop new interaction paradigms in multimedia applications together with some procedures useful to the evaluation of this kind of interfaces, both from a qualitative and quantitative point of view.
Finally, in the last year, within a collaboration between Ca' Foscari and a large Italian retail channel, I also worked with some of the new portable display technologies (e.g. Vuzix M-100, Moverio BT-200). This has been a chance to study their suitability to provide the user with useful information during the completion of a specific task.

During the last year of my PhD I spent four months at TU Munich within the Shape Analysis group of Prof. Dr. Daniel Cremers. Here I worked on some advanced topics on Deformable Shape Matching.