Teaching Activity

  • A.Y. 2017/18: Teacher for the “Formal Languages and Computability” course
  • A.Y. 2016/17: Teacher for the “Compilers” course
  • A.Y. 2015/16: Teacher for the “Compilers” course
  • A.Y. 2014/15: Teaching assistant for “Discrete Mathematics” (part time students)
  • A.Y. 2011/12: Teaching assistant for “Discrete Mathematics”
  • A.Y. 2010/11: Teaching assistant for “Discrete Mathematics”
  • A.Y. 2009/10: Teaching assistant for “Discrete Mathematics”

Supervised Theses

I enjoy working with motivated students with a strong interest in formal methods and/or computer security. Please find below a list of theses I supervised, if you think you are interested in related topics and would like to work with me, just write me or drop by my office at any time!

  • Alberto Carotti – Cookie protection through browser extensions
  • Andrea Casini – Understanding machine learning effectiveness to protect web authentication
  • Alessandro Frazza – An information flow type system for Android
  • Alvise Rabitti – Towards formal verification of Liferay RBAC
  • Marco Squarcina – Granalyze: towards the automatic verification of Grsecurity RBAC policies
  • Enrico Steffinlongo – Privilege separation in browser architectures
  • Mauro Tempesta – Enforcing session integrity in the World “Wild” Web