07.02.2013 – Talk by Lucia Gallina

Title: Bisimulation-based pre-orders for  the analysis of Energy performance in Wireless Sensor Networks.
Time: 13:00
Location: Meeting room
Type: Research achievement
Speaker: Lucia Gallina

Wireless Sensor Networks are made of a large number of sensor nodes, which are small in size and have scarce energy resources. They use their processing abilities to locally carry out simple computations and transmit partially processed data. Sensor networks are widely used for several applications, such as military systems, environmental, health or other commercial applications.Since the sensor networks consist of large numbers of sensor nodes, with limited power sources, energy conservation is one of the most critical issues to deal with.

We present a probabilistic process calculus to model wireless sensor networks.
This model is specifically aimed at studying the performances of those networks with respect to various metrics, such as the energy consumption, the throughput or the time delay.

PRISM is a tool for formal modelling and analysis of systems that exhibit random or probabilistic behaviour. We show how we can translate our calculus with the PRISM specification language to perform an automatic verification of the energy-aware performances of wireless sensor networks.