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16/12/2015 – Talk by Heider Wahsheh

Title:  Security Issues in Two Dimensional Barcodes
Time: 12:30
Location: Meeting room, building Zeta
Type: Survey
Speaker: Heider Wahsheh
A barcode is a graphical image that stores data in special patterns of black and white modules. The encoded data can be retrieved using imaging devices such as: barcode scanner machines and smart phones with specific reader applications. In general data can be stored in one dimension (horizontally), or two dimensions (both horizontally and vertically) with more data capacity. Barcodes are easy to use, free and very popular. Barcodes have various applications such as product tracking, advertising and items identification. However, attackers may use barcodes in a malicious way to launch attacks aiming at violating security and users’ privacy. This seminar presents various malicious scenarios with 2-D barcodes and possible protection mechanisms.