13.03.2013 – Talk by Davide Rocchesso

Title: Perception and replication of planar sonic gestures
Time: 14:30
Location: Meeting room
Type: Research Result
Speaker: Davide Rocchesso

As tables, boards, or walls become surfaces where interaction can be supported by auditory displays, it becomes important to know how accurately and effectively a spatial gesture can be rendered by means of an array of loudspeakers embedded in the surface. Two experiments were designed and performed to assess: (i) how sequences of sound pulses are perceived as gestures when the pulses are distributed in space and time along a line, (ii) how the timing of pulses affects the perceived and reproduced continuity of sequences, and (iii) how effectively a second parallel row of speakers can extend sonic gestures to a two-dimensional space. Results show that azimuthal trajectories can be effectively replicated and that the switching between discrete and continuous gestures occurs within the range of inter-pulse interval from 75 to 300ms. The vertical component of sonic gestures cannot be reliably replicated.