22/01/2016 – Talk by Stefano Zanero

Title:  Making sense of a million samples per day: Behavior-based Methods for Automated, Scalable Malware Analysis
Time: 12:00
Location: Meeting room, building Zeta
Type: Research Result
Speaker: Stefano Zanero
With the astonishing rate of new and modified malware samples being released daily, automation of analysis is needed to classify and cluster together similar samples, exclude basic and uninteresting variations, and focus costly manual analysis work on novel and interesting features (e.g., added or remove pieces of code with a given semantic). We will discuss the challenges in analyzing large malware datasets in a (semi)automatic fashion, and some recent research results that may help with the task, by leveraging the concept of “behavior” applied to malicious code.
Short bio: Stefano Zanero is an associate professor at DEIB, the computer engineering department of the Politecnico di Milano University. His research interests focus on systems security, in particular automated malware analysis, cyber-phisical systems security, critical infrastructure security, as well as computer forensics.