18/09/2014 – Talk by Soumya Sen

Title: Integrating XML with Data Warehouse
Time: 14:00
Location: Meeting room
Type: Research Result
Speaker: Soumya Sen
XML is the most widely used language in web environment. Many of the organizations maintain their semi-structured data in XML format for e-commerce and internet based applications. These XML data which are used to manage OLTP data can be processed further for analytical processing. Integration of XML and data warehouse for the innovation of business logic and to enhance decision making has therefore emerged as a demanding area of research interest. 
XML is semi-structured model where as majority of the OLAP are maintained through relational model. Thus the conversion is preferably aimed at Relational OLAP (ROLAP). The majority of the research work in this field is based on conversion of single XML schema to star or snowflake schema. A significant improvement is to consider multiple XML schemas and possibly identifying fact constellation.
However a major problem in existing research is the use of other intermediate tool, data structure or middleware to convert XML into data warehouse. The use of this extra entity slows down the process. Eliminating the presence of this entity is a good research challenge. XQuery, the query language on XML could be efficiently used to meet the challenge. A state of the art framework is presented to formalize a standard syntactical structure to construct lattice of cuboids from XML data as well performing the common OLAP operations using only XQuery.