16/09/2014 – Talk by Lucia Gallina

Title: Formal Models for the Analyisis of Cloud Computing
Time: 12:00
Location: Meeting room
Type: Research Result
Speaker: Lucia Gallina
Cloud Computing is a smart solution aiming at effectively sharing massive computational resources on-line between multiple users. The key benefits of Cloud computing is virtualisation, provisioning and elasticity: clients see an infinite amount of virtual machines which they can lease on demand, responding to short-term application load, thus eliminating significant purchase and maintenance costs of private high-end computational infrastructure which would remain underutilised during off peak periods. This new paradigm creates a profitable market for cloud vendors who can simultaneously run client virtual machines on the same data centers, taking advantage of clever scheduling and resource provisioning. In the last few years, cloud computing had a great impact, and today companies such as Google, Amazon and Microsoft implement cloud solutions. However, there are still many open issues that have to be taken in consideration.
One of the main challenges is to invent precise resource provisioning technology, which is crucial in guaranteeing high performance and low-cost services. Indeed, resource allocation is organized with a pay as you go model, and it is fundamental to add or remove resources at a fine grain, ensuring the final users the services they are asking for, without delays, but at the same time without falling into over-provisioning, i.e., the under utilisation of the resources, which is a critical factor influencing the costs.