11/02/2015 Talk by Giordano Favro

Title: Graph easy classes of lambda terms
Time: 14:00
Location: Meeting room
Type: Research Result
Speaker: Giordano Favro
Lambda calculus is a formal systems which can also be used as an abstract programming language. It aims to describe some very general properties of programs in a very abstract setting. Objects of lambda calculus are the lambda terms and can be considered as computational processes. The problem of characterizing lambda-terms that represent an undefined computational process has interested researchers since the origin of lambda calculus:  we survey some results about this issue. In the second part of the talk we introduce the regular mute terms, a proper, decidable subset of the mute terms, a kind of lambda terms  that shows an high level of undefinedness. Graph models, a particular kind of models of lambda calculus, are introduced in order to present the main contribution of the talk: the set of regular mute terms is the union of an infinite number of non trivial graph easy sets.