04/03/2015 Talk by Filippo Cavallin

Title: Single TTL Cache with Reset under the Independent Reference Model
Time: 14:00
Location: Conference room, Building Alfa
Type: Research Result
Speaker: Filippo Cavallin
Cache systems based on a Time To Live (TTL) policy are becoming increasingly important especially in the field of Information-Centric Network design. In this kind of cache an element is kept in it unless it is not used (i.e., it does not receive any write/read request) for a certain period.
This model is less effective if there are some periods of inactivity of the system.
In this talk, after some brief explanations about G-Networks and PEPA language, we will evaluate the performance of a single TTL cache equipped with a refresh system that rejuvenates the timers of the elements stored. In this way we try to avoid the problem of under-utilization of the cache when traffic is low. We will show also that the equilibrium distribution function has a product-form expression under the Independent Reference Model. This allows us to efficiently compute the performance indices.