02/03/2016 – Talk by Filippo Cavallin

Title:  Cronization: a method to pass from Continuous Time to Discrete Time Automata
Time: 14:00
Location: Meeting room, building Zeta
Type: Research Result
Speaker: Filippo Cavallin
Discrete and Continuous Time automata are important formalisms to model and analyze systems such queuing and telecommunication networks. The stationary performance analysis of these automata requires the computation of the steady-state distribution of their underlying Markov chains. Sometimes for the analysis is more convenient to pass from continuous to discrete time. The main methods are focused on the underlying Markov chains and not on the automatas. To preserve the transitions with labels and the synchronization between them, we will introduce a method to pass from a continuous time stochastic automaton (SA) to a probabilistic Input/Output automaton (PIOA). This method is a bijection from continuous to discrete time and it allows us to switch between the two different types of automata and it preserves the parallel composition.